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01-31-2020Lawmakers introduce ‘fair scheduling’ bill to end unpredictable work shiftsNJBIZWorkers’ Rights
01-31-2020To help N.J. shift workers, bill seeks to end schedule surprisesNJ 101.5Workers’ Rights
01-31-2020Fair Work Schedules Next on Agenda for Unions, Labor AdvocatesNJ SpotlightWorkers’ Rights
01-30-2020Assemblywoman Timberlake Backs ‘Fair Work Week’ Bill In NJPatch.comWorkers’ Rights
01-30-2020Workers, Labor, Community leaders, Elected Officials Unveil New Jersey Fair Work Week ActInsiderNJWorkers’ Rights
01-29-2020Severance Pay Law, First in US, Protects Workers in Mass LayoffsNJ SpotlightWorkers’ Rights
01-27-2020Make the Road New Jersey Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Allow Public Charge Rule to Advance, Pending LitigationInsiderNJImmigrant Rights
01-15-2020NJ law would require severance pay for mass layoffsNJ 101.5Workers’ Rights
01-13-2020NJ’s required severance for mass layoffs is national firstNJBIZWorkers’ Rights
01-10-2020Línea de Ayuda: Licencias para indocumentados en NY y NJ (video)TelemundoDriver’s Licenses



12-23-2019Make the Road New Jersey and Elizabeth Public Schools Launch Youth-Led Student Success CenterInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
12-20-2019Murphy firma la ley de las licencias, pero estas pueden tardar hasta 13 meses para emitirseReporte HispanoLet’s Drive NJ
12-20-2019Murphy Signs Law Granting NJ Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented ImmigrantsNJ SpotlightLet’s Drive NJ
12-20-2019Immigrant Communities and Let’s Drive NJ Coalition Applauds Governor Murphy Signing Legislation For Driver’s Licenses For All New JerseyansInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
12-19-2020Es oficial: Indocumentados ya podrán solicitar sus licencias de conducir en Nueva JerseyUnivisionLet’s Drive NJ 
12-19-2019Murphy signs law opening NJ driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrantsNJTV NewsLet’s Drive NJ
12-19-2019Murphy Signs Legislation Allowing Undocumented Immigrants to Obtain Drivers LicensesTap IntoLet’s Drive NJ
12-17-2019License Bill Puts NJ’s Undocumented in the Driver’s Seat — LegallyNJ SpotlightLet’s Drive NJ
12-16-2019Why Undocumented Immigrants are Closer to Obtaining Drivers Licenses in New JerseyTap IntoLet’s Drive NJ
12-16-2019Nueva Jersey aprueba licencias de conducir para miles de indocumentados. Estos son los requisitos para sacarlaTelemundoLet’s Drive NJ
12-16-2019NJ legislators OK licenses for undocumented immigrants, send bill to Gov. Phil MurphyNorthJerseyLet’s Drive NJ
12-16-2019NJ Legislature Approves Driver’s Licenses BillInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
12-10-2019Assembly acts on driver’s licenses for the undocumentedPoliticoLet’s Drive NJ
12-09-2019Make the Road NJ applauds Judiciary Committee Approval of Driver’s License BillInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
12-09-2019Assembly Judiciary Committee Releases A4743 Bill To Expand Access To Standard Driver’s Licenses To More ResidentsInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
12-04-2019VIDEO: Immigrant Moms from LD36 Call on Senator Sarlo to Support Drivers LicensesInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ


11-26-2019Revamped Wage Theft Law to Provide Unprecedented Relief for NJ WorkersLAW.comWorker’s Rights
11-24-2019Marchers Urge NJ Driver’s Licenses For Undocumented ImmigrantsWCBS RADIO 880Let’s Drive NJ
11-18-2019Activists Pressing for Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented ImmigrantsNJ SpotlightDACA, Let’s Drive NJ
11-13-2019We’re Dreamers and we just want to be like other teensNJ.comDACA, Let’s Drive NJ
11-12-2019Jersey ‘dreamers’ make plea for their future as Supreme Court debates DACANJ.comDACA
11-11-2019Dreamers’ from NJ heading to DC, as Supreme Court weighs fate of DACANJTVDACA
11-08-2019Hundreds Rally Calling For Access to Driver’s Licenses For All Residents In New JerseyInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
11-07-2019En pie de lucha por las licencias para inmigrantesTelemundoLet’s Drive NJ


10-31-2019Announcing New Support in the State Assembly, Fair Work Week NJ Highlights Disproportionate Impact of “Just-In-Time” Scheduling on Workers and Women of ColorNJ SpotlightWorkers’ Rights
10-28-2019Murphy to Consider Making 315,000 more NJ Workers Eligible for Overtime Murphy to Consider Making 315,000 more NJ Workers Eligible for OvertimeNJ 101.5Workers’ Rights
10-25-2019Think Tank: Expand Pool of Workers in NJ Eligible for OvertimeNJ SpotlightWorkers’ Rights
10-24-2019NJPP REPORT: Valuing Our Time: Strengthening New Jersey’s Overtime LawInsiderNJWorkers’ Rights
10-22-2019Census Bureau Needs 45K Temporary Workers in NJ for 2020 CountNJ SpotlightCensus 2020
10-20-2019Next goal for NJ labor activists: Predictable work schedulesNJ 101.5Workers’ Rights
10-16-2019Last-minute schedule changes at work? Lawmakers want to cut down on thatNJBIZWorkers’ Rights
10-16-2019Weinberg touts ‘fair workweek’ bill to protect shift workersPoliticoProWorkers’ Rights
10-16-2019Workers, Labor & Community leaders, Elected Officials Launch Fair Work Week Campaign in N.J.InsiderNJWorkers’ Rights
10-14-2019Death of temporary worker at warehouse sparks protest that will include widowNJ.comWorkers’ Rights
10-14-2019The Tears of a Working Man’s Sister in Kearny: Edilberto Caicedo (1960-2019)InsiderNJWorkers’ Rights
10-14-2019Hudson County Worker’s Death Sparks Outrage, Calls For ChangePatch.comWorkers’ Rights
10-12-2019Perth Amboy se moviliza por las licencias (print)Reporte HispanoLet’s Drive NJ


09-27-2019Immigrant Rights Advocates Applaud Attorney General Grewal’s Termination of all 287(g) Agreements in New Jersey InsiderNJImmigrant Rights
09-27-2019NJ Attorney General blocks ICE agreements with county jails, intensifying standoffnorthjersey.comImmigrant Rights
09-16-2019Alcaldes y Dreamers se unen a la lucha por las licencias de conducir para inmigrantesReporte HispanoLet’s Drive NJ
09-12-2019Immigrant Groups, Indivisible, Activists to Host “DefundHate” Week of Action to Push Congress to Cut Funds for ICE and CBPInsiderNJDefund Hate
09-12-2019Congress must tell Amazon that the lives of immigrant workers like me are not for saleNJ.comWorkers’ Rights
09-10-2019Local Leaders in Middlesex County with New Brunswick Mayor Cahill Join Dreamers to Urge New Jersey Leadership to Act on Expanded Access to Driver’s Licenses Regardless of Immigration Status in New Jersey InsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
09-08-2019Immigrant Groups, Indivisible, Activists to Host “Defund Hate” Week of Action to Push Congress to Cut Funds for ICE and CBPInsiderNJDefund Hate
09-05-2019Over 100 NJ Dreamers, Immigrant and Youth Leaders Urge New Jersey Leadership to Immediately Expand Access to Driver’s Licenses on Anniversary of DACA’s EndInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ


08-06-2019New Jersey Workers, Advocates Celebrate Signing of Landmark Anti-Wage Theft LawInsiderNJWorkers’ Rights


07-25-2019Inmates deal with no AC in Bergen County JailAmsterdamn NewsImmigrant Rights
07-23-2019ICE raids only resulted in 35 arrests, so far. More than 2,000 immigrants are on the list.NJ.comImmigrant Rights
07-20-2019New Jersey heat wave: Record-breaking temperatures? Here’s everything you need to knownorthjersey.comImmigrant Rights
07-20-2019Bergen County Jail air conditioning repaired after outage, protesters gather despite heatnorthjersey.comImmigrant Rights
07-14-2019Protesters bash Trump’s raids and Amazon saying ‘No Tech 4 ICE’NJ.comWorkers’ Rights
07-14-2019Immigrant rights group protests outside NJ ICE detention centerNJ 101.5Workers’ Rights
07-14-2019New Jersey immigrant communities remain on alert on day when ICE raids are slated to beginnorthjersey.comImmigrant Rights
07-14-2019Protest against ICE raids held in ElizabethNews12 New JerseyWorkers’ Rights
07-12-2019Immigration groups in N.J. on high alert as ICE reportedly prepares to conduct mass raids this weekendNJ.comImmigrant Rights


06-25-2019Is NJ closer to driver’s licenses for unauthorized immigrants?NJ 101.5Let’s Drive NJ
06-18-2019Make the Road New Jersey Urges Action on Drivers License Expansion for Immigrant NJers in Light of Historic New York VictoryInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
06-13-2019Make The Road NJ: Union County High School Students Show Support for Millionaire’s Tax this Prom SeasonInsiderNJMillionaire’s Tax 


05-28-2019Mixed Reaction to Rabner’s New Rules on Immigrant Courthouse Arrests by ICENJ SpotlightImmigrant Rights
05-25-2019STATEMENT: Make the Road New Jersey Responds to New Jersey Court Directive on ICE Courthouse ArrestsInsiderNJImmigrant Rights
05-01-2019Advocates Make May Day Push For Driver’s Licenses For Undocumented ImmigrantsGothamist Let’s Drive NJ


04-30-2019May Day will be marked with protests demanding licenses for undocumented immigrantsnorthjersey.comLet’s Drive NJ
04-25-2019Make the Road New Jersey and NJ mayors denounce citizenship question on CensusAmsterdam NewsCensus 2020
04-22-2019Immigrants in NJ protest 2020 census citizenship questionPIX 11Census 2020


03-26-2019New Jersey Workers, Advocates Celebrate Senate Passage of Landmark Anti-Wage Theft Legislation, Call on Assembly for Swift PassageInsiderNJWorkers’ Rights
03-18-2019We’re not wealthy and we don’t need to cheat to get into college. Here’s how we gain admission.NJ.comImmigrant Rights
03-14-2019N.J. dreamers hope they’ll become citizens — and not deported by Trump — under new push by House DemsNJ.comImmigrant Rights


02-18-2019NJ joins suit challenging Trump’s national emergency declaration for border wall fundingnorthjersey.comImmigrant Rights
02-18-2019Trump’s national emergency declaration triggers protests nationwideNJ TVImmigrant Rights
02-04-2019Gov. Phil Murphy signs NJ $15 minimum wage bill into lawnorthjersey.comWorkers’ Rights


01-24-2019Over 80 Groups and Organizations Join the Let’s Drive NJ Campaign to Expand Access to Drivers Licenses to More Residents Regardless of Immigration StatusInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ
01-22-2019Supreme Court won’t hear DACA case this term. What does that mean for ‘Dreamers’?northjersey.comDACA
01-15-2019Make The Road NJ: Gov Murphy’s First Year Brings Groundbreaking Change for Immigrant Communities, But Progress on Key Driver’s License Bill LagsInsiderNJLet’s Drive NJ

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