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Standing Up for Immigrant Rights in New Jersey

Make the Road New Jersey members have led the charge on key policy victories in New Jersey. 

During the pandemic, immigrants worked on the frontlines and were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. After an eighteen month fight, MRNJ won the first ever Excluded New Jerseyans’ Fund and a cash benefit program for ITIN filers. Totaling more than $110 million in aid, nearly 100,000 immigrants and individuals excluded from federal COVID assistance were able to receive government aid. 

    • In 2020, we won powerful legislation to remove immigration status requirements from occupational licensing in New Jersey, expanding access to economic opportunity to hundreds of thousands of immigrant New Jerseyans.

    • In 2019, after years of campaigning, our members won a law that extends drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.

  • Leading the Resistance and Defending DACA 

    MRNJ has played a pivotal role in federal inmigration policy. During the Trump era, our members led the resistance in New Jersey to the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants. In 2017, Make the Road New Jersey youth members led a 1,000 person day of action in five locations across the state on the day DACA was scheduled to end, and hosted more than two dozen rallies, including civil disobedience, to push our congressional representatives to support a clean Dream Act. Our youth members also participated in federal litigation that successfully blocked the end of DACA. When Trump began separating families at the border and caging children, we mobilized a dozen actions, including a 3,000 person rally in Newark, to protest the cruel and inhumane policies. Make the Road NJ leaders have mobilized hundreds around the state to demand Congress defund ICE.

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